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As a Belgian citizen growing up in Singapore, Rudy was fortunate to gain an international perspective from an early age.   Upon emigrating to the United States on a student visa, he got offered an academic scholarship to pursue a PhD. in Economics at the University of Houston.  Rudy became an active real estate investor during his first year in graduate school, completing his Master's degree in Economics in 1990.  He has been a Permanent US Resident since 1991.


Rudy successfully completed his first multi-million dollar land development by age 29 in Atlanta, GA.   Developed lots sold for an average 92% premium over similar-zoned new sites and Rudy subsequently became the first builder to surpass the $ 700,000 and $ 900,000 new construction sales figures in the area.   A third party builder sold the first $ 1,000,000 spec house for that market in the project.

With over 33 years of multifaceted real estate investment experience as Owner/Developer in a range of single family, multifamily and commercial real estate projects, Rudy brings a diversified perspective to any endeavor.    Throughout his career, he has developed a proven track record in undervalued property acquisition and achieving substantial returns with extremely limited resources.  

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Rudy Arnauts


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